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May 09 2019

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May 05 2019


May 04 2019

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AcidVille by Hristo Chukov
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kein! kitsch!
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animal farm
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So from what I can gather from the abstract alone:

Imagine a waiting room where you take a number and wait for your number to come up to be served a meal. This set up makes sense, a meal takes some time to prepare and only a few can be prepared at a time. Over time the cooks get better at producing meals and start producing more at once and there is less time between taking a number and getting your meal. Eventually meals are ready practically as soon as you take a ticket. At this point you're spending more time picking up a number and checking to see if yours has been called than physically getting your meal and a system that used to make sense has obviously been outgrown.

That's the case with modern computing, the operating system was designed to compensate for slow input/output setups, rather than having programs wait for input the system has them take a number and wait for their number to be called which allows them to do other things in the meantime. Since I/O is now much faster taking a number is a significant enough bottleneck to consider removing it in favor of just waiting for I/O in some cases.


February 28 2019


February 18 2019

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