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Six months later, I listed it all for sale. I don't know why. I loved my Amiga, I spent countless hours glued to a tiny CRT screen either playing amazing games, or mastering Deluxe Paint 2. But this just didn't feel the same. It felt almost like a console versus what I remembered. The notion then of swapping disks was an absolute pain in the arse. Now it was almost something I longed for.

It didn't last long on Craigslist. 48 hours, I got a message from a guy in the South Bay begging me to bring it to him, since he didn't have a car. He knew what he was talking about, I knew it would be a good home, so said sure. When he saw what was in the back of my car, he covered his mouth in shock and openly wept. I'd asked for $500 for everything, he gave me $600 and one of the biggest hugs I'd ever had.

A few months later - not sure what prompted me to do it - I had a look for Amigas on Craigslist. And there she was - my A1200, up for sale again. Contacted the seller, and sure enough it was the same guy, and similar to me, he had the same experience. Thrilled to get it, but after the initial excitement of the first couple of weeks, it just sat there. Asked if I wanted to buy it back, but passed.

Now, here I am. Typing all this out in the Amiga subreddit that I just subscribed to. Despite my middle age, my other toys, the knowledge that technology is where it is these days, my family, and my absolute lack of free time, there's something about the Amiga that always calls to me. Maybe it's not the Amiga, but a happier time in my childhood when everything was simple, and life's biggest crisis was a corrupt floppy.

I dunno. But I'm off to watch a longplay of North and South that someone just posted...

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