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 Geoff Emerick, the band's audio engineer, used to smoke Everest cigarettes and hence the group had decided to name the album after the brand of cigarette and title it either Mount EverestEverest or Ever Rest(since packets had a silhouette of Mount Everest on them and the Beatles liked the imagery).[6] Originally the band intended to take a private plane over to the Himalayas to shoot photograph of Mount Everest for the album cover. The group however did not want to undertake the long trip and travel to Mount Everest for the photo shoot.[7][8]

It was around July, when it was very hot outside, that someone mentioned the possibility of the four of them taking a private plane over to the foothills of Mount Everest to shoot the cover photograph. But as they became more enthusiastic to finish the LP someone – I don't remember whom – suggested, 'Look, I can't be bothered to schlep all the way over to the Himalayas for a cover, why don't we just go outside, take the photo there, call the LP Abbey Road and have done with it?' That's my memory of why it became Abbey Road: because they couldn't be bothered to go to Tibet and get cold!

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